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Published On: June 10th, 2021

Bitcoin 2021 Miami conference in review 

Saturday closed out a great week in Miami for the Prime Trust team. At the biggest-ever bitcoin conference, our team brought crypto infrastructure to life. Bitcoin 2021 was our time to (re)introduce Prime Trust to the bitcoin community and its entrepreneurs, as well as reconnect with many of our customers face-to-face for the first time in over a year. 

Here’s a look at the highlights: 

“We don’t change the world, our customers do” 

At Whale Day, on June 3rd, Kevin Lehtiniitty, our chief strategy officer, hosted a panel with Alex Mashinky of Celsius Network, Derar Islim of Genesis Trading, and Ian Epstein, discussing how to become a bitcoin whale. Watch the panel discussion:

Later that afternoon, our founder and chief trust officer, Scott Purcell, participated in a panel hosted by Justin Schmidt, along with Zach Dexter of LedgerX, Diogo Monica of Anchorage, and Bryan Bishop of Avanti Bank. It was an opportunity to discuss the importance of institutional infrastructure and how the maturation of digital asset rails are a significant part of what is driving crypto adoption forward today. 

Scott Purcell Prime Trust Bitcoin 2021 Conference

Above, Scott Purcell speaks at the Bitcoin 2021 Miami conference

When asked about how Prime Trust supports its clients, Scott said, “We don’t change the world, our customers do. There are so many creative things happening -- people are literally changing everything from finance to collectibles to the way money works. [Our customers] are changing the world, and we’re the foundation for them.” Watch the panel discussion:

One-stop shop 

“You’re a custodian, right?”

“You’re rails, right?”

Yes, and so much more. The conference was a great opportunity to talk about the value that an all-in-one infrastructure provider can offer -- namely, saving time and money! 

Running the floor

Around us, at the exhibition hall, were many exciting and innovative crypto companies contributing to the growth and maturation of web 3.0 and users’ bitcoin and crypto experiences. We’re proud to say that a significant number of these companies are powered by Prime Trust. 

“Looking around the exhibition floor, it was really exciting to see that we were surrounded by so many of our customers,” said Mike Fiascone, Chief Revenue Officer at Prime Trust.  "It's an incredible feeling to know the we are the rails and foundation that powers the most innovative products and services in the industry."

Bitcoin is for innovators 

Prime Trust exists so that fintech innovators can keep changing the world. 

Our crypto-focused customers have been leaders in the emergence of a new paradigm in money and assets; broader distribution of money that brings more people into the financial system, and increases access to investment opportunities. This is a driving force for us as we continue to improve and increase our financial services solutions.

Today, our seven financial service APIs - custody, settlement, compliance, trading, payment rails, indemnity, and debit cards - mean that fintech and digital asset innovators can build without limits. We’ll continue to evolve this stack to make it quicker and more seamless to bring new fintech ideas to market.

Tony Hawk Prime Trust team

Above, the team at the Prime Trust after party at the W Miami with Tony Hawk

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