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Financial Infrastructure Solutions Built for Simple Integration

By: Prime Trust
Published On: March 24th, 2021

A look at how Prime Trust’s all-in-one financial infrastructure is built to support all digital assets and makes implementation easy with APIs 

Banking has changed significantly over the past several years. Cryptocurrencies have become mainstream with the demand for alternative assets swelling to all-time-highs. But how can a financial institution or platform get in the game without losing focus or traction on existing priorities? 

Purpose-built financial infrastructure provides a simple and efficient solution for institutions who are looking to broaden their offering and their customer base. 

It’s no longer a question of ‘when’ or ‘if’ cryptocurrencies will become part of every savvy investor’s portfolio. They’re seeking new ways to earn, and digital assets are the answer. Decentralized finance (DeFi), or crypto, provides investors with a new asset class that can act as a store-of-value, an exciting opportunity for yield. DeFi also creates new lending and interest-earning opportunities that investors haven’t been able to find with traditional assets and investments. 

What is financial infrastructure? 

Financial services infrastructure packages the functionality required to perform digital financial services into easy-to-use software. This is what we provide at Prime Trust, an all-in-one ecosystem of APIs that supports your bank with seven solutions to cover all of your digital asset needs whether that’s crypto or something else.

We enable our clients to build the next generation of financial solutions on top of our API and widget-based infrastructure to bring your products to market faster, more reliably, and compliantly. Our APIs include compliance, custody, settlement, rails, indemnity, liquidity, and issuance. 

This means automation of various compliance tasks, secure storage of digital assets, instantaneous settlement, and no chargebacks for credit and debit transactions.

Who do our APIs support? 

The Prime Core ecosystem of APIs are for anyone who is building the future of digital asset management. Whether you’re looking for fast settlement of digital assets, simple payment rails that streamline the customer onboarding process, or want to ensure that your platform is in compliance with changing regulatory requirements, our API solutions work for you.

Our APIs serve neobanks, small and mid-sized banks, large financial institutions, cryptocurrency exchanges, alternative trading systems (ATSs), DeFi protocols, tokens, stablecoins, equity crowdfunding platforms, nonprofits who want to accept crypto, and more.

Why use ready-to-implement APIs instead of building your own solution? 

It comes down to time and investment. These are valuable resources. Time spent working to figure out and build a custom solution can result in losing a competitive advantage. Significant investment into an area that an institution may not have expertise in could mean lost funds.

Custody is a good example. Building out a successful custody solution can easily be a multi-million dollar investment. It requires expertise across security; managing private keys, asset-specific compliance, and management and storage of fiat currency, securities, and cryptocurrencies. 

Sub-custody, via a trusted API, allows you to offer access to crypto efficiently, compliantly, and cost-effectively. It leverages the expertise of a custody provider, giving you the advantage of an established and regulated custody partner. Read more about implementing sub-custody

We modernize your financial market infrastructure by complementing your existing technology with our Prime Core ecosystem of APIs and plug-and-play widgets. Get in touch with us and see how Prime Core APIs can work for your business.

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