Making financial infrastructure as easy as APIs

Making Financial Infrastructure Easy as APIs

By: Prime Trust
Published On: February 25th, 2021

Prime Trust has modernized financial infrastructure and packaged it into easy-to-use APIs and widgets 

Financial infrastructure is complex. At Prime Trust, we make it easy to modernize and launch your services with our Prime Core ecosystem of APIs and plug-and-play widgets. In short, we provide the infrastructure short cut to secure, regulated, and compliant management of digital assets.

APIs are your on-ramps to digital assets

APIs streamline the process of integrating new software. They provide easy access to critical components of your business, without having to do any development in-house. 

Made up of six point solutions, the Prime Core ecosystem gives you the flexibility to dip a toe in the water or dive right in. Our APIs empower banks, trust companies, and fintech businesses with a range of services spanning custody, payment processing, Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) compliance, asset liquidity, and transaction settlement. 

The Prime Core ecosystem includes APIs for compliance, liquidity, custody, rails, settlement, and indemnity. This means automation of various compliance tasks, secure storage of digital assets, instantaneous settlement, and no chargebacks for credit and debit transactions. 

In addition, digital assets, including private securities (stocks and bonds), alternative assets like fractional shares, and cryptocurrencies, that trade as part of our ecosystem transact at trade + zero days (T+0) and are settled instantly

Our six point solutions complement each other, solving for these critical components of your financial services business. They can also be implemented separately, in a customized fashion that allows you to address your business needs individually. 

1. Prime Custody 

Prime Trust’s proprietary core accounting system enables Prime Custody to hold a variety of different assets from USD and other fiat currencies, to BTC and other digital assets, to real estate, and public and private securities. These assets can be custodied in a variety of account types. Learn about our sub-custody solution.

2. Prime Rails 

Prime Trust provides access to a wide range of payment rails including retail rails like ACH and card processing to institutional rails like wires, Signet transfers, and SEPA. With instant settlement, ACH and card transactions can be credited to user’s accounts immediately, allowing them to trade, save, and pay without delay. 

3. Prime Liquidity  

Prime Trust’s liquidity engine sources from a deep pool of liquidity across a number of leading exchanges and market makers. Prime Liquidity powers fiat-to-crypto on- and off-ramps, supporting trading between USD and BTC, ETH, and USDT and allows for fractional trading of public securities.

4. Prime Settlement 

Our fast and secure Settlement API allows you to transfer any asset between your Prime Trust accounts, or to any customers within our network, in real-time 24/7/365. Our Settlement API allows for instantaneous transaction settlement, with no blockchain-based settlement delays or expenses.

5. Prime Compliance 

Supporting all of Prime Trust’s infrastructure is our robust compliance program and automation covering AML, KYC, risk management, and transaction monitoring. Our scalable and global KYC program integrates a wide range of data sources, watchlists, fraud databases, and document verification services in order to provide the strongest institutional programs. Prime Compliance supports full beneficial ownership modeling allowing for entirely online client onboarding to minimize friction. Learn about how we de-risk crypto and digital assets.

6. Prime Indemnity 

Prime trust provides chargeback indemnity for credit and debit transactions that run through our Prime Indemnity product. Aggregating a variety of data points across our platform and our partners, we’re able to return predictive transaction approvals and will bear the cost of the chargeback if we’re wrong.

Prime Trust is all-in-one financial infrastructure for quick, easy, and reliable API deployment that allows you to launch and support digital assets your way. Get in touch to find out how you can benefit from Prime Core.

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