Prime Trust Partnering With OK Group 1

Prime Trust Partnering With OK Group

Prime Trust and OK Group have reached an agreement on collaboration, in which OK Group has made a strategic investment in Prime Trust and is executing on several critical blockchain initiatives leveraging Prime Trust technologies and services.

OK Group is a reputed blockchain technology and service provider focused on the research and development of the technology and its all-scenario applications. The Group provides infrastructure services for the blockchain industry.

As a blockchain-based trust company from the US, Prime Trust is licensed by the banking regulatory agency of Nevada, the Financial Institutions Division, to provide a variety of services, including custody, trust, fund processing, anti-money laundering compliance, as well as trading technology, to US and international clients.

OK Group and Prime Trust have signed a strategic investment agreement. The two parties agree to carry out in-depth collaboration on their competitive advantages and jointly launch a new compliment stablecoin OKUSD, which is expected to transfer to a sophisticated public chain OKChain to provide diverse, secure, and stable services to both parties.