Prime Trust - Why

By: Scott Purcell
Published On: May 25th, 2020

Reflecting back on what I was thinking when I first started, and then pivoted FundAmerica, and how that's progressed over time, leading to starting Prime Trust. And mulling over how that comports to books I'm reading on other entrepreneurs and motivating teams. For Prime Trust, what's our "why?" and how can it be articulated in such a manner that employees...who may otherwise be dispassionate and simply happy they have a job...can find a reason to care and become inspired? Why do we exist, and why have I and so many others put so much blood, sweat and tears into building this company?

Well, as a "B2B" business Prime Trust is in many ways like a shipping logistics company. Now for that business, helping create modeling systems that enable Maersk and MSC to be more efficient in their routing and shipping schedules is important...but it's not sexy (save to a handful of math geeks in the back room). Yet by doing what it does, that modeling company can help drive down costs to the delight of ultimate consumers of the shipped goods, and create more employment for the container firms, ships crews, trucking, etc. Everyone wins in part because of what they do.

Prime Trust isn't changing the world. We are packaging new and traditional banking services in a novel way and thinking outside the box to make it happen. It's our customers who are literally changing the world with their new banking apps, crypto exchanges, alternative trading systems, crowdfunding portals, cross-boarder payment systems, and more. It's awesome, and everyone at Prime Trust should be proud to be part of that, even if behind the scenes.


Because they can't change the world without us.

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